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March 2021 Terminal Release

New Terminal 1 month ago

Lots of exciting updates coming to the Bbot Terminal 🎉


We are deprecating unmanaged terminal devices at the end of March. If you have received an email from Bbot please respond to prevent interruption to service. If you purchased a device from Bbot no action is necessary, if you're unsure please contact our support team


  • Added the ability to rename a consumer tab from the Location -> Tabs screen
  • When opening the "Send Receipt" modal, it should now pre-populate with the info from the Order (if available)
  • Settings Screen toggle to "Keep awake on Battery"
  • Terminal now supports Nested Modifiers when creating new orders
  • Added Refresh button to Menu Management in the rare case that the Menu doesn't load
  • Improved error reporting


  • Updated how orders are displayed on Stations, Locations, and Search pages
  • [Android] Poller now runs in a Foreground Service, should work much better while app is in the background or screen is off
  • KDS Tickets now appear taller on bigger screens
  • KDS Filtered Orders now filters based on Orders Desired Time and not the created time
  • Related Orders on KDS Tickets are now displayed at the bottom of the ticket when opened. These can also be expanded to show more details

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed email/phone not appearing when sending a receipt
  • You can now refund $0 orders with a service charge
  • [Split Check screen] When an item goes out of stock, you are now notified and can remove the item without going back to the cart
  • [Split Check screen] If an approved check has an item which the server is now reporting as out-of-stock, the check will require re-approval
  • Removed serial number field from Device management page
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