March 1 Release Notes

1 month ago

Lots of great news this week. We've officially opened the contactless tabs beta to everyone 🎉  and we've wrapped up several new features we're excited to share with you. 


  • Contactless tabs open beta - contact your Bbot customer success rep for more information.
  • Added cancel functionality for Relay delivery
  • Added functionality to inject table and employee ids in Micros POS integrations.
    • This supports additional reporting options in Micros or allows you to export this data to a 3rd party.
  • Added another option to the guest notifications for $ORDER_NUMBER. You can now use the $ORDER to display the order number and information about the order placed or $ORDER_NUMBER to display only the order number in a guest notification.
  • Released multi-factor authentication support for the owner panel


  • Display the original amount for each line item that was refunded in the owner panel.
    • Previously line items would display refunded rather than the original amount.
  • Update party tabs to allow a hold for multiple days.
    • Previously party tabs would expire within a day. You can now open a party tab and share over the course of a weekend.
  • Updated Bbot admin view to make it easier for Bbot employees to configure customer cut agreements.
  • Updated post-checkout status page to include desired time and by default only show orders 12 hours old or newer
  • Updated payment tool to allow multi-location customers to be paid in a lump sum for all locations.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved duplicate CSRF cookies
  • Fixed bug to impacting party tabs for old browsers
  • Fixed service fee bug in checkout API
  • Fixed bug for $0 party tab orders
  • Fixed bug preventing Toast integrated customers from changing the menu order
  • Fixed bug for the 'Special Instructions' label if the prompt is left blank
  • Fixed bug preventing customer support information from occasionally not displaying on the post-checkout status page
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